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Aldose Reductase

Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
Aldose reductase-IN-1 Chemical Structure
BCP35708 Aldose reductase-IN-1 1355612-71-3
Aldose reductase-IN-1 is a inhibitor of aldose reductase with IC50 of 28.9 pM.
AT-007 Chemical Structure
BCP31330 AT-007 2170729-29-8
AT-007 is a central nervous system (CNS) penetrant Aldose Reductase inhibitor (ARI) in Phase 1/2 development for treatment of Galactosemia.
Ponalrestat Chemical Structure
BCP13896 Ponalrestat 72702-95-5
Ponalrestat, also known as MK-538, is an aldose reductase inhibitor.
Alrestatin Chemical Structure
BCP28030 Alrestatin 51411-04-2
Alrestatin is an Aldose reductase inhibitor.
Ranirestat Chemical Structure
BCP14386 Ranirestat 147254-64-6
Ranirestat is an aldose reductase inhibitor being developed for the treatment of diabetic neuropathy.
Tolrestat Chemical Structure
BCP02377 Tolrestat 82964-04-3
Tolrestat(AY-27773) is a potent, orally active aldose reductase inhibitor with IC50 value of 35 nM.
Isoliquiritigenin Chemical Structure
BCP02312 Isoliquiritigenin 961-29-5
Isoliquiritigenin is a licorice chalconoid, a type of natural phenols.
Fidarestat Chemical Structure
BCP07501 Fidarestat 136087-85-9
Fidarestat is a potent and promising Aldose Reductase Inhibitor.
MK204 Chemical Structure
BCP30797 MK204 1959605-73-2
MK204 is an AKR1B10 inhibitor.
Epalrestat Chemical Structure
BCP04572 Epalrestat 82159-09-9
Epalrestat is an aldose reductase inhibitor for the treatment of diabetic neuropathy.
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