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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
15-Acetoxyscirpenol Chemical Structure
BCP42382 15-Acetoxyscirpenol 2623-22-5
15-Acetoxyscirpenol is a trichothecene mycotoxin isolated from predominantly.
D-Glucosamic acid Chemical Structure
BCP42201 D-Glucosamic acid 3646-68-2
D-?Glucosamic acid is an endogenous metabolite.
Geneticin Chemical Structure
BCP42047 Geneticin 49863-47-0
Geneticin (G418) is an aminoglycoside antibiotic similar in structure to gentamicin B1.
ML318 Chemical Structure
BCP41937 ML318 1610516-67-0
ML-318 is an inhibitor of Pseudomonas aeruginosa PvdQ acylase, an enzyme involved in siderophore pyoverdine synthesis.
Distamycin A Chemical Structure
BCP41468 Distamycin A 39389-47-4
Distamycin A is a well-known antibiotic and DNA minor groove binder.
Phleomycin Chemical Structure
BCP41547 Phleomycin 11006-33-0
Phleomycin is produced by the strain of Streptoverticillium verticillum 843-1.
Tyrocidine Chemical Structure
BCP41546 Tyrocidine 8011-61-8
Tyrocidine A is an antibiotic mixture produced by Bacillus brevis which may be separated into three components, tyrocidines A, B, and C. It is the major constituent (40-60 per cent) of tyrothricin, gramicidin accounting for the remaining 10-20 per cent active material. It is a topical antimicrobial agent, that is very toxic parenterally.
Tallysomycin A Chemical Structure
BCP41502 Tallysomycin A 65057-90-1
Tallysomycin A is a glycopeptide antibiotic produced by the rare actinomycete No. E 465-94.
Monascorubrin Chemical Structure
BCP41482 Monascorubrin 13283-90-4
Monascorubrin is purified from the mycelium of Monascus purpureus.
Dihydrocarminomycin Chemical Structure
BCP41471 Dihydrocarminomycin 62182-86-9
Dihydrocarminomycin is an anthracycline antibiotic that can be produced by Streptomyces atroviolaceus DS 8938, Str. coeruleorubidus DS 8899, DS 31723, DS 7126 and Str. bifurcus DS 23219.
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