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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
2-Debenzoyl Paclitaxel 2-Pentanoate Chemical Structure
BCP42294 2-Debenzoyl Paclitaxel 2-Pentanoate 213767-22-7
Zopiclone Impurity 6 Chemical Structure
BCP42293 Zopiclone Impurity 6 43200-83-5
Paclitaxel Oxetane Ring-Opened 3-Acetyl 4-Benzoyl Impurity Chemical Structure
BCP42292 Paclitaxel Oxetane Ring-Opened 3-Acetyl 4-Benzoyl Impurity 932042-85-8
11-Epicortisol Chemical Structure
BCP42265 11-Epicortisol 566-35-8
11-Epihydrocortisone is an isomer of Hydrocortisone, a glucocorticord which functions primarily to increase blood sugar through gluconeogenesis, suppression of immune system and aid in fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism.
Repaglinide-ethyl-d5 Chemical Structure
BCP42223 Repaglinide-ethyl-d5 1217709-85-7
Repaglinide ethyl-[d5] is an isotope labelled Repaglinide.
Regorafenib D3 Chemical Structure
BCP42220 Regorafenib D3 1255386-16-3
Regorafenib D3 is a labelled Regorafenib.
Quetiapine Sulfoxide Chemical Structure
BCP42216 Quetiapine Sulfoxide 329216-63-9
Quetiapine sulfoxide is a main metabolite of Quetiapinem.
Desthiazolylmethyloxycarbonyl Ritonavir Chemical Structure
BCP42226 Desthiazolylmethyloxycarbonyl Ritonavir 176655-55-3
Desthiazolylmethyloxycarbonyl Ritonavir is a metabolite of Ritonavir, which is a HIV protease inhibitor.
Riociguat 13CD6 Chemical Structure
BCP42225 Riociguat 13CD6 1304478-43-0
Regorafenib N-oxyde (M2) Chemical Structure
BCP42222 Regorafenib N-oxyde (M2) 835621-11-9
Regorafenib N-Oxide (M2 Metabolite) is a metabolite of Regorafenib.
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