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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
Erigoster B Chemical Structure
BCP42204 Erigoster B 849777-61-3?
Erigoster B is found in the herbs of Erigeron speciosus.
beta-D-Allose Chemical Structure
BCP42140 beta-D-Allose 7283-09-2
Beta-D-allose is a D-allopyranose with a beta-configuration at the anomeric position.
D-Rhamnose Chemical Structure
BCP39789 D-Rhamnose 634-74-2
Columbamine Chemical Structure
BCP41865 Columbamine 3621-36-1
Columbamine is a berberine alkaloid and an organic heterotetracyclic compound.
21-O-Tigloylgymnemagenin Chemical Structure
BCP41847 21-O-Tigloylgymnemagenin 1581276-63-2
21-O-Tigloylgymnemagenin is a triterpenoid isolated from Gymnema sylvestre.
Yatein Chemical Structure
BCP41729 Yatein 40456-50-6
Yatein isolated from the leaves of Chamaecyparis obtusa. It can significantly suppress HSV-1 multiplication in HeLa cells without apparent cytotoxicity.
Digitoxin Chemical Structure
BCP41704 Digitoxin 71-63-6
Digitoxin is a lipid soluble cardiac glycoside that inhibits the plasma membrane sodium potassium ATPase, leading to increased intracellular sodium and calcium levels and decreased intracellular potassium levels. In studies increased intracellular calcium precedes cell death and decreased intracellular potassium increase caspase activation and DNA fragmentation, causing apoptosis and inhibition of cancer cell growth.
Bacteriochlorophyll Chemical Structure
BCP41416 Bacteriochlorophyll 17499-98-8
Bacteriochlorophylls a is produced by the strain of Chlorobiea and Rhodospirillinea. It has a structural skeleton similar to chlorophyll of higher plants.
Curzerene Chemical Structure
BCP41540 Curzerene 17910-09-7
Curzerene is isolated and purified from the rhizoma of Curcuma zedoaria
Forsythoside I Chemical Structure
BCP41512 Forsythoside I 1177581-50-8
Forsythoside I is a natural product isolated from forsythia suspense (thunb.) vahl, showing anti-inflammatory activities.
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