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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
AQX-016A Chemical Structure
BCP37898 AQX-016A 849669-54-1
AQX-016A is a potent activator of SHIP-1 that induces apoptosis of the cancer cell lines in vitro in both a time and dose dependant manner.
DPM-1001 Chemical Structure
BCP36902 DPM-1001 1471172-27-6
DPM-1001 is a potent, specific, non-competitive, and orally bioavailable inhibitor of PTP1B, displaying antidiabetic properties associated with enhanced signaling through insulin and leptin receptors in animal models of diet-induced obesity.
ZLDI-8 Chemical Structure
BCP36163 ZLDI-8 667880-38-8
ZLDI-8 is a Notch activating/cleaving enzyme ADAM-17 inhibitor and inhibits the cleavage of Notch protein. ZLDI-8 decreases the expression of pro-survival/anti-apoptosis and epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) related proteins. ZLDI-8 is also a competitive and irreversible tyrosine phosphatase (Lyp) inhibitor.
Rbin-1 Chemical Structure
BCP36074 Rbin-1 328023-11-6
Rbin-1 is a novel eukaryotic ribosome assembly inhibitor.
IACS-13909 Chemical Structure
BCP35927 IACS-13909 2160546-07-4
IACS-13909 is a specific and potent allosteric inhibitor of SHP2 that suppresses the signaling of RTK/MAPK pathway and overcomes multiple mechanisms underlying osimertinib resistance.
BCI Chemical Structure
BCP35766 BCI 1245792-51-1
BCI is an allosteric inhibitor of dual specificity phosphatase (DUSP). BCI specifically inhibits DUSP6 and DUSP1 with EC50s of 13.3 and 8.0 μM in cells, respectively. BCI does not inhibit DUSP5.
SC-43 Chemical Structure
BCP33951 SC-43 1400989-25-4
SC-43 is an agonist of Src-homology protein tyrosine phosphatase-1 (SHP-1) that inactivates STAT3 and reduces liver fibrosis.
TNO155 Chemical Structure
BCP33299 TNO155 1801765-04-7
TNO155 is a potent selective and orally active allosteric inhibitor of wild-type SHP2 (IC50=0.011 μM). TNO155 has the potential for the study of RTK-dependent malignancies, especially advanced solid tumors.
SPI112 Chemical Structure
BCP32787 SPI112 1051387-90-6
SPI-112, the SPI-112 methyl ester analog was able to inhibit cellular Shp2 PTP activity.
KY-226 Chemical Structure
BCP32729 KY-226 1621673-53-7
KY-226 is a potent, selective, orally active and allosteric protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B (PTP1B) inhibitor with an IC50 of 0.25 μM, and without PPARγ agonist activity. KY-226 exerts anti-diabetic and anti-obesity effects by enhancing insulin and leptin signaling, respectively. KY-226 also protects neurons from cerebral ischemic injury.
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